The History of the Building Housing of the Archaeological Museum in Kraków

History of the Museum

The exhibition presents the history of the place, in which the complex of buildings of the Archaeological Museum in Kraków is located, starting from the early medieval period (9th-13th century) to the mid 20th century.
In the exhibition space, there are architectural relics and separate historical rooms: the relics of the medieval, stone city wall from the 14th/15th century, the wall of death and the death cell from when a prison existed there. 


Thanks to that, the exhibition has the characteristics of an archaeological-architectural-historical reserve, in which relics of architecture, original archaeological, architectonic and historical artefacts complemented with reconstructed panoramas and archives are presented. The exhibition space was limited to the part of the lowest level in the building. It gives the visitors the possibility to see visibly different stages of building and using the terrain, and at the same time graphically shows details which disappeared in the building (the Church of St. Michał and Józef and the monastic complex) and important events which left no physical mark (mainly due to being a prison for160 years).

Exhibition script: Anna Tyniec (MAK)
Substantive preparation: Anna Tyniec (MAK), Joanna Dutka (IPN), Maciej Zakrzewski (IPN)
Artistic concept: Marek Grosse (MAK)
Realisation of the artistic concept: Marek Grosse (MAK), Studio Actiff (IPN)



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