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Accessible museum

Different forms of access to the collections adapted to the needs of visitors


museum exhibits presented in the form of 3D animation


descriptions dedicated to people with visual disabilities

Sign language

descriptions of exhibits presented in Polish Sign Language


tekst alternatywny PL

Prądnik Knife

Flat flint tools produced using multiple techniques.

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Shouldered point

Shouldered points are extremely rare type of flint tools

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Javelin point

It was fashioned from a metatarsal of a large animal such as deer, elk, or aurochs

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A clay vessel

One of the oldest vessels made of clay in Poland and Europe

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Stone axe

It was a sign of the prestige and high position of its owner

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Copper earring

An example of the oldest women's jewelry made of metal in the Bronze Age in Małopolska

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A bronze sword

The sword from Nieczajna is the only Tarquinia type specimen found in Poland

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Glass bracelet

The fragment of a glass bracelet made by cobalt glass

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Iron javelin and spearheads

Weapon used to throw, cut, or stab in combat

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Iron axe-like bar

They were very valuable, they could be used as a means of payment

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Bone comb

Two-sided comb with numerous decorations

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Floor tile

It was made of clay coated with brick-colour glazing

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