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At the museum

We safeguard and display archaeological artefacts at our exhibitions. Archaeological artefacts are old objects that were made by man and now are found in soil by the scientists.


We teach about the past of Lesser Poland, Poland, Europe and Ancient Egypt.



A man in light clothes, wearing a hat. He is holding a shovel in his right hand. There is a wheelbarrow next to him and a tool box containing archaeological tools. In the background, an arable field with grid.

Our address

Our main building can be found in the Old Town of Kraków, on 3 Senacka Street, 31-002 Kraków. The entrance to the exhibtions is from Poselska Street.

How to get in touch

Department of Education and Exhibitions tel. 12 422 71 00, intern. 3 or 143

Cooridinator of Accesibility, tel. 12 422 71 00, intern. 3 or 143 or mobile 515 589 832

Director and Secretariat, tel: 12 422 92 86

We have an additional branch.

Branice Nowa Huta Branch

address: Sasanek 2a, 31-985 Kraków,

tel: 12 640 80 60



We are curating an exhibtion in the catacombes of St.Adalbert’s Church.

address: Main Square 2, 31-042 Kraków

Our exhbitions:

• The Gods of Ancient Egypt • Prehistory and Early Middle Ages of Lesser Poland. The period called Prehistory refers to the time when people did not know how to write. • The Peruvian Collection of Władysław Kluger • The History of the Building Housing of the Archaeological Museum in Kraków • The Cuman Baba from Stadnytsya

At the Branice Nowa Huta Branch

• Prehistoric Pottery. Pottery is creating vessels out of clay.

In the catacombes of St.Adalbert’s Church

• History of the Market Square of Cracow and St. Adalbert's Church


At the exhibition “Prehistory and Early Middle Ages of Lesser Poland” we have tactile copies of artefacts. Some of them include swords, vessels and combs. We also have directional pathways for people with visual impairments as well as tactile floorplans of exhibitions with descriptions in Braille.

More information

can be found on our website or our