Archaeologists for Nowa Huta

Archaeologists for Nowa Huta"

New permanent exhibition from May 2023

New permanent exhibition – “Archaeologists for Nowa Huta”

Since its inception, the Branch of the Archaeological Museum in Krakow has been inextricably linked with the Nowa Huta district and the metallurgical plant. Numerous archaeological discoveries were made as early as 1949, when the first construction works began. In September 1950, the Ministry of Culture and Art established a new institution – the Management of Excavation Works in Nowa Huta. The first seat of the institution was located at ul. St. Jana 22, then os. Zielony 7, and since 2007 at ul. Sasanek 2A (Krakow Branice).

The 1950s, 1960s and 1970s were the period of the greatest intensity of excavations. They were conducted, among others, in Wyciąże, Cle, Mogiła, Pleszów, Zesławice, Bieńczyce. In the second half of the 1970s, due to the slowdown in the pace of investments carried out in the district, the nature of the research work of the Department changed. The main emphasis was placed on inventory work and the publication of research results. Parallel to the scientific and research activities, dissemination campaigns were carried out.

An important point of activity is making the collections available to the public. In the Renaissance residence (the so-called lamus) there are: a permanent exhibition and temporary exhibitions.

An integral part of the activity of the Museum Branch is education. The workshops held in Branice are very popular among children, teenagers and adults. The facility also offers classes for people with disabilities. For twenty years, the Branice in Branice has also organized an educational archaeological picnic.

The exhibition “Archaeologists for Nowa Huta” is available in the manor and park complex in Krakow Branice, at ul. Sasanek 2A.

On the boards and monitors you can learn about the history of the facility, the oldest history of the Nowa Huta area, and see a lot of photographs from the last seventy years of the Branch.

We invite you!


Branch Manager in Nowa Huta

Janusz Bober

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