Terracotta stamp-seal in the shape of a scarab with a sphinx head

Terracotta stamp-seal in the shape of a scarab with a sphinx head

New Kingdom, 16th-11th century BC
Height: 45mm
Width: 60mm
Length: 87mm

Terracotta stamp-seal in the shape of the scarab (beetle). Scarabs symbolised rebirth in the Underworld. Clearly visible wing case marked by incised lines and oblique notches. The head of the sphinx (a mythical creature, represented as a lion with a human head) in a tripartite wig, visible ears, modelled in relief facial features. The base is oval, separated from the back with an incised line. A small hole pierced through longitudinally. The base features two incised cartouches of a ruler named Seti from the 19th Dynasty (1292 -1279 BC). During the Middle Kingdom scarabs of this type were used as seals.


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