Amulet-mould depicting the “Eye of Horus”

Amulet-mould depicting the "Eye of Horus"

Late Period
c. 743 – 332 BC
Diameter: 37mm
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Amulet-mould depicting “Eye of Horus”. Also known as Wedjad/Udjat Eye, it had a protective function.  One of the most important symbols of ancient Egypt. The amulet symbolises the divine power of Horus – lord of heaven, son of Osiris and Isis. It was believed that the eyes of the god were the Sun (right eye) and the Moon (left eye). According to Egyptian mythology, Horus lost his left eye during a battle for dominion with Seth. The goddess Hathor healed the eye using her magical power. Horus gave it to his father Osiris, killed by Seth, who also regained his sight and returned to the world of the living. That is why the eye of Horus symbolises divine healing.


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