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Digital accessibility

The Archaeological Museum of Kraków strives to make the museum’s website as accessible as possible according to the act concerning the digital accessibility of Internet websites and mobile applications of public subjects passed on the 4th of April 2019. This statement is applicable to the museum’s website –

The date of publication: 2019-03-12

The date of the last important update: 2021-10-07

Status in terms of compliance with the Act

The Internet website is partially complainant with the act concerning the digital accessibility of internet websites and mobile applications of public subjects passed on the 4th of April 2019 due to the discrepancies or exclusions stated below:

The conditions that were not met:

  • some of the attachments may not contain a text layer (a scan, a pdf).

  • some of the images do not contain alternative texts

  • in case of some documents, the hierarchy of headlines cannot be kept

The reasons for exclusions:

  • the website is made according to WCAG 2.0 standards

  • archival materials may not be fully accessible

  • The website of the Archaeological Museum of Kraków is systematically adapted to compile with the Act concerning the digital accessibility of Internet websites and mobile applications of public subjects passed on the 4th of April 2019.

The preparation of the declaration of accessibility

The date of completing the declaration of accessibility: 2021-10-07

The declaration was compiled based on self-assesment. 

The declaration was reviewed on: 2022-03-30

Keyboard shortcuts

This website can be navigated with the use of standard keyboard shortcuts.

Additional information 

  1. Keyboard-only users can freely navigate the website with the use of Tab key.

  2. The whole website has a ‘focus’ feature which allows for a default marking of an active link or form field. The feature moves accross all of the visible active elements of the webpage in a logical manner. This makes the use of the website truly convenient.

  3. We have taken care to ensure that the text contrasts appropriately with the background. There is a possibility to zoom in or zoom out and to simplify the text. Thanks to this, our website is legible to people with visual impairments.

  4. We strive to write texts clearly and to make them as accessible as possible through appropriate formatting.

We strive to ensure that all images and graphics on the website have alternative descriptions. For example we make sure that graphics containing text have a text version in WORD.

Feedback and contact details

In case of any issues with website’s accessibility, please get in touch with us. The person in charge is:

Agnieszka Jarosik

Dział Edukacji Archeologicznej i Wystaw, kustosz

+48 12 422 71 00 wew. 143, tel. kom. 515 589 832

Everyone has the right to request that a digital website, mobile application or some element thereof be made accessible. It is also possible to request that information be made available in alternative forms, e.g. the reading of an inaccessible text. The request should include the details of the person making the request, an indication of which website or mobile application is involved and the method of contact. The alternative format of information should be specified.

The public entity should complete the request immediately, meaning no later that 7 days. If meeting this deadline is not possible, the public entity must inform about a later possible deadline, being no later than 2 months. If it is not possible to ensure accessibility, the public entity may propose alternative means of accessing the information.

If an entity refuses to comply with a request to provide accessibility or alternative access to information, a complaint may be lodged against such action. Once all possibilities have been exhausted, a complaint can also be made to the Commissioner for Human Rights.

Contact details of the Archeological Museum Kraków:

tel. 12 422 71 00 SMS: +48 515 589 832
ul. Senacka 3,
31-002 Kraków

The Building

The Main Building

Due to the its historical character, the main building is not accessible to people on wheelchairs.

After entering the building, we make our way up to the cloak room located on the ground floor on the right side of the stairs. Two restrooms and a museum shop can be found next to the cloakroom. One of the rooms for temporary exhibitions can be accessed from the level of cloakroom by taking the stairs.

The permanent and temporary exhibitions are located on the first and second floors which are accessible by stairs.

The exhibitions „Gods of Ancient Egypt” can be found on the first floor and it comprises of three rooms. The second room of the exhibition can be accessed by small stairs.

The exhibition ‘Peruvian Collection of Władysław Kluger’ can be accessed by going down (steep) stairs in the third room.

The exhibition ‘The Prehistory and Early Middle Ages of Lesser Poland’ comprises of seven rooms on the first and second floor (accessible by stairs). There is a possibility to brighten up one of the darker rooms, on request.


As a part of the international project COME-IN! this exhibition was made accessible to the needs of people with visual and audio impairments through the installation of tactile orientation plans, horizontal guidance markings, and contrasting captions in black and Braille in Polish and English. Tactile copies of the artefacts made from original materials have also been made available. The first 12 exhibits have descriptions: audio description, simplified description in Polish and English as well as translation into Polish Sign Language and captions for the hard of hearing. These descriptions can be found in the COME-IN! tab:

The exhibition “The History of the Building Housing of the Archaeological Museum in Kraków” can be accessed from the garden by taking the stairs.

The rooms used for temporary exhibitions can be found on the second floor.

There are some places to rest next to the cloakroom, on the first floor next to the exhibition “Gods of Ancient Egypt” and on the second floor next to the staircase.

It is possible to visit the museum with a guide dog.

An accessible toilet can be found on the second floor.

Evacuation procedures: The exhibition staff has appropriate training when it comes to evacuating the building.



The Archaeological Museum in Kraków is curating a small exhibition concerning the history of the Main Square and the Church of St. Adalbert.

Due to the historical character of the church’s architecture the exhibition is not accessible to wheelchair users.

The entry to the exhibition can be found on the right side by church’s entrance. The stairs lead down to a small courtyard where the exhibition space can be accessed by going up three, tall steps.  

The exhibition covers two small rooms. Among the exhibits, the visitors can find small-scale architectural reconstructions, archaeological layers accumulated over time on the Main Square, ceramic vessels as well as reconstructions of medieval tombs.



The main building, Renaissance manor house (so called lamus)

There are two exhibition rooms in the Renaissance manor. The first one is located on the ground floor, and the other can be found on the first floor. The first exhibition titled “Prehistoric Pottery” can be accessed by turning left right after entering the building. The other room hosting temporary exhibitions can be accessed by stairs.   

  • There is no elevator in the building, the exhibition rooms are lit. 

  • There is no wheelchair ramp available.

  • Parking spots can be found in front of the main gate.

  • The toilets are located in the neo-classical manor.

Getting there

The Main Building

The museum is located in the centre of the city, at 3 Poselska Street, close to the Krakow Philharmonic. The visitor entrance is located on Poselska Street. The closest tram stop to the museum is “Filharmonia” stop. The museum can be accessed by going through the Planty park in the direction of the Wawel Castle. After reaching Poselska and turning left, a stone wall with glass showcases will become visible – this is the museum’s fence. The gate in the wall leads straight to the museum’s garden.

A wide set of stairs leads to the museum’s building.

There are no directional pathways on the described route.

There are two paid cark parks located in the vicinity of the museum (by the St. Francis Convent and by Radisson Blu Hotel). There is no free parking for the tourists – the museum is located in the paid parking area.

Should you need an assistant to help you reach the museum from your immediate area, please contact the Department of Archaeological Education and Exhibitions at least one day before your planned visit, by calling (12) 422 71 00, mobile: 515 589 832 or by emailing::

The Archaeological Museum in Kraków, Nowa Huta Branch – Branice

The Nowa Huta Branch can be found in a manor-park which is located on the outskirts of the city, in XVIII quarter (Nowa Huta) on 2a Sasanek Street. The museum can be accessed by taking 131 bus from Pleszów and getting off at “Branice Pagórek” stop and then going left and taking a turn to Sasanek Street. After a couple hundred meters, the manor and accompanying buildings will become visible on the left. The ticket office can is located in the neo-classical manor which can be accessed by the main gate.

  • The exhibitions located in the Renaissance manor (lamus) can be accessed by a special pathway.

  • There are no directional pathways on the described route.

Updated – 28.03.2022

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