The Mikorzyn stones

The discovery of two unusual stones

In the mid 19th century, in the village of Mikorzyn in Greater Poland two stones were discovered. On the first one there is an engraved human figure with a triangle in a raised hand over runic letters, and on the flat surface of the second one there is a horse surrounded by runes.

Zdjęcie kolorowe. Dwa kamienie o nieregularnym kształcie. Większy kamień (z lewej strony fotografii) jest ozdobiony runami w dolnej części. Natomiast górna część kamienia to schematyczne przedstawienie człowieka, który trzyma trójkąt w uniesionej lewej dłoni. Po prawej stronie znajduje się mniejszy kamień z wyryty koniem i runami wokół niego. Całe wyobrażenie wpisane jest w owalny kontur.

After sharing information about the “findings”, academic and ideological disputes arose. The age and the meanings of the engravings were discussed. It was believed that the stones were a mark of the pagan times of Slavdom. However, they are only quern-stones with an unknown chronology, and the engravings are a falsification from 150 years ago, inspired by desire to embellish the history of the Slavs and give them written tradition. At the same time, similar falsifications of pseudo Slavonic objects covered with runes emerged.

The Mikorzyn stones are in Kraków since the “Exhibition of antiquity and relics of art” organised in 1858-1859.


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