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The gods of ancient Egypt

The gods of ancient Egypt A rich collection of monuments from ancient Egypt

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The prehistory and early Middle Ages of Little Poland

The exhibition presents various aspects of life of the original inhabitants of Lesser Poland

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Peruvian collections of Władysław Kluger

Presented items are a part of the collection created by the Polish engineer, Władysław Kluger

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The History of the Building Housing of the Archaeological Museum in Kraków

The exhibition presents the history of the place, in which the complex of buildings of the Archaeological Museum in Kraków is located

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Światowid, the idol from Zbruch

A stone sculpture discovered in the Zbrucz River

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The Cuman “Baba” from Stadnytsya (Ukrainian Стадниця)

The name “Baba” refers to statues created on the steppe of Europe and Asia from the Neolithic to the Middle Ages

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The Mikorzyn stones

Stones with carved drawings and runic inscriptions

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